Israel Advocacy Op-eds May 24, 2013: Asaf Romirowsky: The voices of BDS



The voices of BDS

Source: YNet News, 5-24-13

Op-ed: Pro-Palestinian groups hijacked narrative of peace and justice, yet in reality they yearn for Israel’s destruction

The Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement’s biggest success is rooted in its ‘soft power.’ The ability to influence behavior through values, policies, institutions and culture, as opposed to ‘hard’ or coercive power exercised through military or economic pressures, plays a tremendous role in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict….READ MORE

Israel Advocacy Op-eds February 9, 2013: Alan Dershowitz: Will Brooklyn College now co-sponsor an anti-BDS event?



Will Brooklyn College now co-sponsor an anti-BDS event?

Source: Haaretz, 2-9-13

Mayor Bloomberg and the New York Times willfully distorted the opposition to Brooklyn College’s BDS event. It was not about academic freedom: It was a principled objection to departmental sponsorship of BDS’ hate speech – one whose goal is blacklisting all Israeli, Jewish institutions and ultimately the end of Israel’s right to exist….READ MORE

Israel Advocacy Op-eds February 3, 2013: Alan M. Dershowitz: Does Brooklyn College Pass the ‘Shoe on the Other Foot’ Test?



Does Brooklyn College Pass the ‘Shoe on the Other Foot’ Test?

Source: The Jewish Press, 2-3-13
Shoe on the Other Foot
The decision by the Brooklyn College political science department to endorse the BDS movement—which includes the boycotting of Jewish-Israeli academics—has been “justified” on freedom of speech and academic freedom grounds by the chairman of the department. Brooklyn College’s President has said that departments have the right to sponsor one-sided partisan events. Let’s see if these “justifications” pass the “shoe on the other foot test.”

What would these administrators say if the department of philosophy were to officially endorse the right to life and oppose a woman’s right to choose abortion? What if the economics department had officially endorsed Mitt Romney during last year’s election? What if the Spanish department had voted to endorse an academic boycott against Cuban or Venezuelan professors? What if the department of religion were to officially condemn homosexuality?

I can assure you that both the lyrics and the music would be very different. The chairman of the political science department, a radical leftist, would be complaining that his academic freedom is being denied by these departments officially endorsing positions with which he disagrees. The president of the college, known for her feminist views, would not likely remain silent in the face of an official departmental endorsement of the right to life. Nor would many faculty members justify a departmental condemnation of homosexuality on the ground of academic freedom or freedom of speech….READ MORE