Israel Advocacy News March 1, 2012: Pro-Israel Student activists preempt Israel Apartheid Week



Pro-Israel Student activists preempt Israel Apartheid Week

Campuses around the nation, including in Illinois, are confronting the 8th annual Israel Apartheid Week, arranged by anti-Israel organizations like Students for Justice in Palestine. Apartheid weeks have included mock check-points meant to hassle students, apartheid walls erected to misrepresent Israel’s anti-terror barrier, and speakers touring campus calling for boycotts, divestments, and international sanctions of the Jewish State.  This week of activities is yet another tactic created by Israel’s detractors to demonize the State and delegitimize the very existence of Israel.  Other tactics including “occupy” style protests and cultural activities occur regularly throughout the academic year….

In an effort to preempt Israel Apartheid Week, pro-Israel activists on campuses across Illinois decided on a different approach. Instead of responding, reacting, or countering the rhetoric of Israel Apartheid Week, students produced their own series of events to highlight the Israel they know, love, and defend entitled Israel Peace Week.READ MORE